The Politistikos Syllogos Ano Karyoton Arkadias "O Lykaios Dias" (= Cultural Association of Ano Kariotes of Arcadia "O Lykaios Dias" was founded as a patriotic association in the year 1930. It is based in Athens, Greece.

The Association is a non-profit association in accordance with article 78 of the Civil Code. (Association Registry Number: 1.246 in the archives of the Court of First Instance of Athens, Recognition Decision Number: 8051/1931)

The Association has regular, honorary and auxiliary members all over the world. Those who have reached the age of 16 can register as regular members, as long as they believe in the goals of our association. The membership registration process is very simple. It is enough to contact our Association.

The regular members of the Association form the General Assembly. The General Assembly elects a seven-member Management Board as an administrative body and the Audit Committee as an audit body, both with a two-year term.

One of the most historic actions of the Association is its pivotal role in the organization of the "Lykaia" since 1973.

More information about the activities of our Association can be found on our Facebook page.